Below is a breakdown of often asked questions and answers to assist our guests.

Q: Where is best place to park when visiting Craft ?

A: The Nearest Car Park, Q Car Park Brindley Place Postcode B1 2JF or National Indoor Arena Postcode B16 8AE

Entrance via Craft English Garden Floral Arch Walkway, adjacent to Brindley Place Walkway Bridge and Birmingham Canal

Q: How do we book a table ?

A: The best way to book a table is via our website booking section, please ensure that you select the correct booking page as we separate our bookings pages as per the area within craft this includes the Dining Room and Garden.

To book a dining pod, private dining room or event please email hello@weare-craft.co.uk or contact, whats app or text our customer service hotline on 07539 064 051

Q: How do we book a pod for less than 8 people ?

A: Yes you can however please note that the minimum spend is based on the timeslot detailed on our pods page and ranges from £60-£240 depending on the timeslot you request

Q: Is the Garden Outside ?

A: The Garden is indoors and outdoors, with the outdoor element this has a parasol roof which is fully heated and has attachable sides to make it fully enclosed.

Q: Do you have a minimum number of guest in the pod ?

A: No

Q: Do you have a minimum spend in the pod ?

A: Yes,, we do operate a minimum spend on pod bookings this ranges from £60 – £240.00 depending on the timeslot requested, the details of these can be found at https://weare-craft.co.uk/dinning-pods/

Q: Why Do you have a minimum spend on a pod ?

A: The reason for the minimum spend is that the pods are designed for 8 people and as such the restaurant needs to ensure that where possible its populated by 8 guests or the equivalent revenue has been generated, We relax this requirement according to the timeslot demand and the service type.

Q: If a pod is free and not being used on the day of my booking can i use it?

A: Craft operates a free upgrade if a pod is available, the criteria for this upgrade is the largest booking of 8 or less within the Garden area  and then the first guests that have booked in the instance there is more than one booking of the same size.

Please note however there is no guarantee and this is discretionary

Q: Do you offer Halal Meat ?

A: Unfortunately we are unable to offer Halal Meat, although we do have Halal Meat Suppliers due to the requirement of ensuring that all areas within the kitchen are not exposed to cross contamination with areas which contain non Halal meat we feel its prudent to restrict the availability of Halal Meat on our menu, we naturally however offer vegetarian, vegan (with notice) and Fish dishes.

Q: Do you charge a service charge ?

A: Yes we do its 10% however its fully discretionary, all service charges go direct to the team and are not retained by the restaurant 

Q: I have a third party voucher who do i contact with queries ?

A: Please contact the third party voucher customer service team, Craft is unable to process or action any third party purchases directly

Q: I have a third party voucher can i simply walk in and select a table ?

A: No i am afraid you cant Please contact the third party voucher team or refer to the terms of your voucher for booking instructions 

Q: What food menu is available within the pods ?

A: Guests are able to dine from our 2,3 and 4 course set menu within the pods, unfortunately our tasting menu is not available within the dining pods and is exclusively available in the dining room.