A Modern Bustling Dining Room is the Heart of Craft

Dining Room

Our Dining Room is at the heart of Craft, for a special occasion, business meeting or if you want to just simply experience the best of British fine dining, Crafts dining room is where we Craft the best of British cuisine.

You will find Andy at his most adventurous pushing the boundaries on the miss guided perceptions of British Cuisine in his critically acclaimed maverick style, don’t let the familiar names  of dishes fool you expect the unexpected and experience the Envision of British Dining

We are not just playing at it…..

British by heart British by nature……at Craft we are passionate about Britain. We don’t just play at it, it features in everything we do….every component part of our offering is British, from the food, to the spirits, ale , soft drinks and at its most ambitious the wine.

With over 500 Vineyards in England alone and changes in our climate, English Wine is now at the forefront of the Wine Industry often winning international awards.

Craft features over 100 different English Wines some of which are local to Birmingham, this makes Craft one of the most adventurous dining experiences in the UK