Craft Dining Rooms progressive British offering is led by renowned chef Andrew Sheridan. Andrew is one of the most innovative and ambitious young chefs in the country.

He rose to attention when he was North West Chef of the Year (2011) and a semi-finalist in the BBC Young Chef of the Year (2005).

Andy has also featured as Guest Chef at Tom Kerridge’s Pub in the Park in 2019 and his appearances on BBC Great British Menu in 2018 and 2019 where he was branded the ‘maverick chef’ for his unusual and creative approach.


Andrew will put his stamp on Craft by introducing seasonal menu’s which feature his takes on British classics as well as a showcasing his style with delicious Tasting Menus and Signature dishes such as Beef Wellington which all play out with intriguing flavours, textures and temperatures to create a truly memorable dining experience.

Andrew’s dishes are inspired by his memories of childhood like barbecuing freshly caught mackerel or his Great British Menu– Apple Rice Pudding evoking memories of his Grandma’s cooking.